Monday, January 15, 2018

New Sections for the Catalog

We have recently added some new sections to our catalog. Please check them out, and we hope you find what you are looking for!

Catalog image for domain names

New Sections

  • Blockchain and crypto-currencies (okay we finally got on the blockchain and crypto bandwagon, at least with a few domain names!)
  • Family Life (most of these domain names are also in another section, but we wanted a section promoting family activities)
  • Fun (every website needs a section devoted to good family-friendly fun, right!)
  • Makerspaces (for those who are members of the vibrant maker community, and those who support them)
  • Psychology (especially positive psychology and mental health)
  • Shopping (for both store owners and shoppers)
  • Startups (this used to be our Names section, but now expanded and revised)
  • Writers (names for authors, publishers and avid readers; some of these are general, and some are suggestions for book titles and sites)
  • Other (a set of miscellaneous domain names that don’t quite fit in the other categories)
We have expanded most of our other sections. Note that the segment that was called investment is now called finance. The discounted price name section is now called Special Offer; while these are some of our most deeply discounted domain names, we feel that we offer good value in all of our domain names - see the complete list here. Thanks for checking out the new sections, and all of our catalog!

Why Is A Catalog Important?

When you purchase shoes you don't expect to have to paw through them in a pile of different sizes and types; when you buy a house or car you expect the salesperson to efficiently and attractively present the property or vehicle, when you buy online you expect objects to be presented in a way that you can quickly find what you want – why should domain names be different?  We have put a lot of effort into our domain name catalog.  Thanks for checking it out, and as always we welcome your comments and advice.

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