Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Writing at NameTalent

As some of my readers will note, I have begun to write for NameTalent.  That site has been around for almost a decade and covers various topics of interest to the domain name community.  I feel honoured to have the opportunity to write there.

It does not mean that my personal blog here will stop, although my posts on this site will probably become a bit less frequent. I don''t  plan to post the same content both places,  but occasionally will post in one place and  highlight that post in the other.

Anything related to my own domain portfolio or activities as a domain consultant will stay here.  Also, I plan to keep my series of detailed monthly reports on ngTLD sales here.  My post on advice to domain name investors will continue to be updated here, although some of the topics will be developed into individual posts at NameTalent. The NameTalent posts will be a bit more global in outlook, while the focus in this blog will reflect more of my personal interests as a domain name investor.

My Early NameTalent Posts

Here is a taste of what I have posted to NameTalent so far:

  1. Who would want this domain name? The key question to ask is who potential end users will be for a domain name.  I develop that idea along with the related idea of developing value propositions on how the end user might benefit from the domain name.
  2. Is domain name investing profitable?  This is a detailed analysis of the domain industry as a whole putting in best estimates for annual probability of a sale, likely net profit from the sale, and annual costs.  It is not meant to be for an individual name or portfolio, but rather the universe of domain names for sale. It does develop different models including the most pessimistic and optimistic bounds.  Please give it a read!
  3. Should you use your own landers or ones from a marketplace?  I take a look at the considerations.
  4. A guide to transfer of a domain name. It is easier and faster than you think!
  5. Why we need the domain aftermarket.  My opinion piece on the world of domain investing, partly in response to the Verisign blog posst.
  6. Monthly Sales Report - Actionable Insights.  While I don't repeat the ngTLD monthly sales analysis posted here, I wrote a post about what insights new domain extensions investors might draw from that analysis and how to act on those.  
  7. Weekly Sales Analysis.  Each morning on Twitter I do a short analysis giving the number of sales, average and median prices, number of sales above $1000, and a list of some of the names that stood out for me.  On a weekly basis I began to put these together in a weekly report.  This provides an overview of some of the week's domain name sales highlights in one place. 

What Am I Working On?

Some of the topics that I will soon be posting on NameTalent are listed below.
  • How do you stay positive as a domain investor when there is a long time since the last sale?
  • An opinion piece on effectively giving advice to other domain investors.
  • An introduction to using the NameBio database.
  • An introduction to UDRP.
  • Reviews on several products for the domain investing community.

How Can You  Help?

I am  always interested in hearing what you think should be covered.  Also, early in 2019 I want to begin a series of interviews to feature some of the interesting stories of the domain world.  Don't be shy - do you have a story to tell? Let me know!

Concluding Thoughts

I decided to write at NameTalent primarily to reach a larger audience and to grow as a domain name investor analyst and commentator. In both places I hope you will find my writing fair and balanced, and that it offers fresh perspectives on buying, selling and using domain names. 

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