Friday, March 23, 2018

New gTLD Namebio Reported Sales Last Month

About every month or so, I plan to have a look at what sales have been publicly reported in the database for 'new' global domain name extensions (ngTLDs).  The term new is perhaps unfortunate, as many of them have been around since 2014.

There were 31 recorded ngTLD domain name sales in this period (Feb 23 - Mar 22, 2018), with a median sales price of $1210 and mean sales price of $4089. A total of 18 of the sales were for $1000 or more.  The highest value sale was for $42,000, with taking second place with a $11,700 sale.

The 8 global TLD sales were from the registry, while the others were all non-registry sales. By far the most popular marketplace for these sales was Sedo, with 14 of the sales, including the largest one.

Here is the breakdown by number of domain sales reported in each extension.

  • cab 1
  • club 3
  • digital 1
  • global 8
  • group 2
  • guru 1
  • market 1
  • mba  1
  • media 1
  • news 1
  • one 1
  • online 2
  • ooo 1
  • plus 1
  • top 1
  • ventures 1
  • vin  1
  • watch 1
  • xyz 2
There were sales in 19 different extensions, ranging from the most widely held of the ngTLDs to some with only modest registration numbers.  

So far in 2018 in total there have been 139 Namebio reported ngTLD sales with a median price of $2324 and a mean price of $9238.  The latter was highly influenced by two January sales: for $500,000 and for $300,000. is the fourth highest ngTLD of the year.

The Namebio database does not include sales with value less than $100, nor sales from a number of venues, so it is difficult to estimate how complete a record this is of all  #ngTLD domain name sales. 

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