Thursday, April 26, 2018

New gTLD Sales Mar 23 - Apr 22

Another month has rolled around, and here is a report on "new" global TLD (ngTLD) domain sales reported in the Namebio database.  In this context new include extensions released after 2013.  Country code extensions are not included, even if they are generic ones such as .pw (professional web).  Nor are the older global extensions such as .biz, .pro, .info, etc.  While the Namebio database certainly does not include all sales (see closing paragraph below), it is highly respected, daily updated and includes statistical data, making it the best source for reports such as this.

During the monthly period ending April 22, 2018 there were

  • 27 recorded ngTLD domain name sales;
  • A median sales price of $2400;
  • A mean sales price of $4980;
  • In terms of major sales,  20 were for $1000 or more including 3 for $10,000 or more;
  • Highest sales were for $34,483 and for $20,000; 
  • There were sales in 18 different TLD extensions during this period;
  • Global Registry, Sedo and Uniregistry had the most reported sales. 

The highest value sale was for $34,483, with taking second place with a $20,000 sale. The domain sold for $10,000. The total value of reported ngTLD sales is about $134,400 in this period.

The 8 global TLD sales were from the registry, while the others were all non-registry sales. The most popular marketplaces for these sales were Sedo with 6 and Uniregistry with 5.  A variety of venues had a single sale, and Dynadot 2 during this period.

Here is the breakdown by number of domain sales reported in each extension.
  • casino 1
  • chat 1
  • city 1
  • domains 1
  • exchange 1
  • global 8
  • gold 1
  • group 2
  • help 1
  • jetzt (means now in German) 1
  • life 1
  • movie 1
  • nyc 1
  • online 1
  • poker 1
  • store 1
  • wang 1
  • xyz 2
There were sales in 18 different extensions, ranging from the most widely held of the ngTLDs to some with only modest registration numbers.  Interestingly only a few of the same extensions are in both the previous report and this one, and somewhat surprisingly no .club sales in this period. Also, it is noteworthy that of the 5 most popular ngTLD extensions, only .xyz has reported sales during this period.

If we compare this with the previous monthly report, the number of sales is slightly down, but the median and average price are both slightly up, as is the number of sales over $10,000. The differences are not statistically significant.

So far in 2018 in total there have been 189 Namebio reported ngTLD sales with a median price of $2300 and a mean price of $7800.  Two ngTLD remain in the top 10 Namebio sales of the year, for $500,000 and for $300,000.

Some readers will notice that a huge sale announced during this period, for $500,300, is missing from the list.  It was the highest publicly released price ever paid for a ngTLD, and had it been included the average price for the monthly report would have been about $23,300.  Unfortunately there is not standardization in terms of what date is used, with some reporting using the announcement date, others the transaction date, and sometimes the date the last instalment was paid since high value domains are often purchased in several instalments. Namebio generally use the sales date while DNJournal uses the announcement date. A pretty consistent set of dates, using purchase date, is used in the Sold Domains listing. 

On a NamePros discussion regarding sources present in the Namebio database it was pointed out that registries seem to have largely stopped reporting, and no doubt there are many registry sales not represented in the database. The Namebio database does not include sales with value less than $100, nor sales from a number of venues such as Undeveloped.com or Efty Marketplaces, nor from many ngTLD registries, so it is difficult to estimate how complete a record this is of all  #ngTLD domain name sales. 

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