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Great Domain Investing Link Site

Through NamePros I learned about a fantastic one-stop starting point for domain name investors.  Let me briefly lead you through some of the features, but it is so user friendly you may prefer to just directly head over to and see for yourself!


The image above shows the sections currently at the site, and they include the most visited resources for domain name investors.  For example, there are links to most of the main registrars, marketplaces, backorder/expiring sites, statistics/analysis tools, brokerage and escrow services.

By clicking on the appropriate button at DomLinks you are taken to an expanded view of links for that  topic.  For example, I show the top part of the Marketplaces.  I really liked the clean alphabetical listing and that he includes icons with each.   That makes it easy to find a link if you are looking for something you already know. The marketplace list is pretty complete, although note that Tough Domains is listed under domain management (with Efty) although in my mind it should also be included as a marketplace.

The bottom part of the Marketplaces is a subsection of brandable sites, that those who invest in that niche will find very useful. Along with BrandBucket and Brandpa, it also lists Brandroot, DNBX and Namerific.

One of the most comprehensive and useful sections is Research Tools.  Of course sites like NameBio, nTLDstats and ICANNWhois are listed, along with many others, some of which perhaps you, like I, had overlooked. Under Research Tools, certainly NameStat should be added.  I would also have included the W3Techs site. A really nice feature in the Research Tools section is that a few words indicate what you find at each site (example: for DomComp it  says 'Compare registration prices').


I wish I had found this resource early in my domain investing career!  Most experienced domain investors will have already started using  many of these resources, but it is helpful to have them all attractively organized in one place. While there are other sites that do one or two of these topics, such as marketplace listings, I don't know of another site aa comprehensive as this one.

i found a couple of the sections not complete.  For example the Hosting section does not include such major hosting services as GoDaddy, HostPapa and Namecheap (although the GoDaddy and Namecheap do list in registrars, of course, so thee is a link somewhere on the site for  them).  Somewhat surprisingly, when I reviewed the site although Estibot is listed in the Research Tools section GoDaddy GoValue is not.

While any list of domain blogs is of course subjective, I think an excellent selection is made in that section. New domain investors would be wise starting with the ones here. I have under development a  future blog posts specifically on this topic.

I like the FreeLancer section at the bottom.  Even though it currently has only 3 linked sites, they are the big ones in this developing area.  I think many domain investors use some sort of additional related activity to even out the ups and downs of domain sales returns.

I realize that even the current DonLinks site is a lot of work, but it would be great to have a section dedicated to educational resources such as books, courses and educational videos. Another possible topic would be options for website security certificates, both the commercial alternatives and LetsEncrypt.

The contact page at the DomLinks site allows you to make suggestions for additions.  I see that one I submitted via NamePros has already been added.  It also states that there are no affiliate links directly on the site (of course a number of the linked sites have their own affiliate links).  This truly is a generous contribution to the domain community by the site developer!

DomLinks is a great site that will save you time and introduce you to resources you might have missed. Go visit it! It even has a great domain name and logo!


I reviewed the site on Aug 24,2018.  Quite likely it would have been further refined by the time you check it, so some of the proposed additions may well have already been implemented. 


Original post Aug 25, 2018.

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