Monday, August 13, 2018

Average Sales Prices on Sedo for Different Extensions

Sedo is conducting a special end of summer premium domain name auction for which they are dropping the normal application fee (other charges still apply).  In describing the sort of domain names they are looking for, Sedo use the wording "The domain extension (TLD) of the domain is considered premium and has a history of high-value sales (such as .com, .net or .de),"  Now it is likely they mean extensions such as these, rather than those three being an  exclusive list (I asked Sedo to clarify this via a Twitter message, but had not yet received a reply as of time of posting).

The statement prompted me to look at what the average sales price of domains sold on the Sedo platform was for some common extensions.  Fortunately, with NameBio it is easy to do searches just on certain extensions and venues. These are the results I obtained.
  • com $4776
  • co $4426
  • io $3889
  • tv $3516
  • de $3449
  • org $3305
  • all ngTLDs $3106
  • net $3086
  • info $2243
  • biz $2096
It isn't surprising that .com is in first place, as most domain name experts would have predicted.  I am surprised that .co is almost at the same price level, and higher than .io in average price.  It is also somewhat surprising that the new domain extensions (ngTLDs) taken as a group have a higher Sedo average sales price than .net (although the difference is slight).  I was not surprised that .info and .biz were somewhat lower in average price than the others.

While sales volume is certainly different in the various extensions, it turns out that if one looks at the prices that domains typically sell for there is relatively little difference between many extensions.  It will be interesting to see what  domains make it through the selection process for the Sedo summer auction,  If they were going to give three example extensions, it would have seemed better to me to say .com, .co and .io, based on the Sedo average sales prices.

I would emphasize that these are average prices for all time in the NameBio database.  If one looks at all venues then the average prices are lower in all cases, and the ordering is not exactly the same. While using only a single venue, even one as important as Sedo, significantly reduces the size of a dataset, one advantage is that it gives typical end user prices, as it is assumed that the vast majority of sales on Sedo are to end users and no to other domain investors.

The Sedo Auction will run from Aug. 23 through Aug. 30, 2018. Those submitting names agree to exclusively list them with Sedo for the period of the auction and for up to 60 days thereafter. Proposed names are submitted through the owner's Sedo account, and decisions are given by email and it is not possible to appeal a decision.  The complete description of the type of names being sought by Sedo is shown below.


Original post Aug 13, 2018.

Disclosure:  I have not submitted any names to the Sedo auction, nor  do I intend to.  I have not, yet, been a Sedo customer, and  have no association with the company.   I am  not associated with NameBio, but would like to acknowledge their incredible database and their generosity to make it available to the domain community. My portfolio of domain names is mainly ngTLDs, as well as a number of .co, .com and .ca (and a few other country codes).

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