Monday, June 25, 2018

ngTLD Sales Report May 23 - June 22, 2018

Another month has rolled around, and it is time again to take a look at "new" global TLD (ngTLD) domain name sales reported in the NameBio database.  While the number of domain extensions sold is down slightly, there were still 104 sales over 16 different extensions during this reporting period. The total number of sales and the average sales price were both similar to the previous month. This was certainly a 30 day period in which the .top extension dominated, accounting for 78 of the 104 sales. 

During the monthly period ending June 22, 2018 there were
  • 104 recorded ngTLD domain name sales;
  • The average sales price was about $3450, while the median price was $1580;
  • In terms of major sales, 8 were for $10,000 or more;
  • The highest price sales in this period were for $53,904, for $15,000, for $14,162 for $13,861 and for $13,130; 
  • There were sales in 16 different extensions during the reporting period;
This report saw sales in 16 different extensions (compared to 23 and 18 in the previous two months). Top dominates, while the extensions global, app, link and work also had multiple monthly sales. Considering the newness of the app extension, it seems off to a great start in the resale marketplaces with 3 sales including 2 in the top 5. Here is the breakdown by number of domain sales reported in each extension.
  • app 3
  • capital 1
  • club 1
  • community 1
  • directory 1
  • finance 1
  • gift 1
  • global 8
  • guru 1
  • live 1
  • link 2
  • storage 1
  • surf 1
  • top 78
  • work 2
  • yoga 1
So far in 2018 there have been 524 NameBio reported ngTLD sales with an average sales price of $6127.  Note that this is as Namebio report sales dates. Both for $500,000 and for $300,000 are listed as 2018 sales, since they were reported in 2018, even though the sales terms were completed in 2017. On the other hand, that sold for $500,300 is not reported in 2018 in their database. The total value of 2018 reported ngTLD sales up to the day of writing (June 24, 2018) is $3.2 million. In terms of number of ngTLD sales the rate is similar to that recorded in 2017, although the total value of ngTLD sales if continued at current rate through the rest of the year will eclipse last year.

The NameBio database (or at least the portion publicly reported) does not include sales with value less than $100, nor sales from a number of venues such as Undeveloped or Efty (unless buyers or sellers report them individually), nor from most of the ngTLD registries, so it is difficult to estimate how complete a record this is of all  #ngTLD domain name sales.

Here are links to the three previous reports in case you want to do monthly comparisons:
We should note that after our last report a major .top sale was added to the NameBio database with a sales date that fell within our previous observing period. The name sold for $172,758 on May 22, 2018.

We will issue our next report in late July, and it will cover ngTLD sales for the period from June 23 through July 22. As always we welcome comments and corrections.

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