Sunday, February 18, 2018

Purchase Choices SSL Secure

Efty Market SSL Secure

Over at we have made some changes to give you more peace of mind in purchasing domains from us.  While we provide information on our domain names at our website that itself is not yet SSL (e.g. see our complete list alphabetically here, or consult our thematic catalog of domain names here), when it is time to make an offer or purchase it directly we forward you to one of the marketplaces. Now all of those purchase options are fully SSL secure.

Our Efty Marketplace is now updated so any transactions (offers or purchasers) there are SSL secure.  The other options were already  SSL secure. Therefore, whether you choose to purchase one of our domain names from Afternic, our Efty Marketplace, the Namecheap Marketplace, or from our listings on Undeveloped, the process will be secure and you can have peace of mind that any information that you provide is secure. 

The Choice is Yours

Note that when we multiply list across platforms, we only list a buy it now price at one of the sites (to prevent any chance simultaneous purchase). Purchase price on different marketplaces is the same. If you would prefer to do the purchase through a different marketplace than the one implemented with a buy it now price, just let us know and we will see if it is possible to move the listing. If you plan to purchase, or have, web hosting through Namecheap, for example, it makes sense to purchase the domain and have it transferred to your account there. 

Note that it is not always possible for us to move a domain name BIN listing to your preferred site.  For example, if we are offering the domain name at a very low price, the commission structure at Afternic make it unfeasible for us to move the listing there.  If the domain name is not registered at Namecheap, then we can't move it to their Marketplace (we may be able to do so by adding a year or more of registration, although that would influence the price we can offer the domain name at). In general we can offer any domain name at Efty or Undeveloped, even it if it is not currently there.

Making an Inquiry

Although you can make an inquiry about any domain name on this form, including making an offer, we suggest if you want to make an offer it is better to do so through the secure Efty marketplace listing (almost all of our domains are listed there under Make Offer). The reason for this is because your inquiry form at is not SSL protected, but all of our linked sites are fully SSL secure.

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