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New Extension Sales Data Jun 23 - Jul 22, 2018

Another month has gone by, so let's take a look at "new" global top level domain (ngTLD) name sales reported in the NameBio database over the past 30 days.  The number of sales (102), average selling price ($3372) and number of extensions (19) are all similar to the previous reporting period.  The .top extension dominated again this month, accounting for 73 of the 86 sales. The .global, .app and .life extensions also had good months. You can see the list of ngTLD sales for the reporting period here.


During the monthly period ending July 22, 2018 there were
  • 102 recorded ngTLD domain name sales;
  • The average sales price was $3372, while the median price was $1330;
  • In terms of major sales, 7 were for $10,000 or more;
  • The highest price sales in this period were for $52,777, for $47,904, for $19,000, for $13,981, for $12,814, for $11,779 and for $10,000; 
  • There were sales in 19 different extensions during the reporting period, although .top dominated with 73 of the sales;
  • So far in 2018 there have been 620 ngTLD sales in total listed on NameBio, with an average sales price of $5676, accounting for a total of $3.5 million in sales. 

Extension Breakdown

Here is the breakdown by number of domain sales reported in each extension during this monthly reporting period.
  • app 2
  • bio 1
  • cards 1
  • club 1
  • cooking 1
  • eco 1
  • fit 1
  • global 9
  • group 1
  • life 3
  • network 1
  • one 1
  • solutions 1
  • space 1
  • top 73
  • toys 1
  • ventures 1
  • work 1
  • xyz 1

Names That Span Dot Effectively

Some of the domain names from this reporting period that I personally like include,,,,,,,, and While I understand why some shorter names sold for higher prices, I think these names do a great job of 'spanning the dot' with congruence between the domain name and the extension.  It will be interesting to see the websites that develop on these names. Why not look through the entire list and pick your own favourites?

Year to Date 

So far in 2018 there have been 620 NameBio reported ngTLD sales with an average sales price of $5676.  Note that this is as Namebio report sales dates. Both for $500,000 and for $300,000 are listed as 2018 sales, since they were reported in 2018, even though the sales terms were completed in 2017. On the other hand, that sold for $500,300 is not reported in 2018 in their database. The total value of 2018 reported ngTLD sales up to the day of writing (July 23, 2018) is $3.5 million. In terms of number of ngTLD sales, the rate is similar to that recorded in 2017, although the total value of ngTLD sales if it continues at current rate through the rest of the year will be somewhat higher than last year that saw $5.2 million in total new extension sales.


The NameBio database (or at least the portion publicly reported) does not include sales with value less than $100, nor sales from a number of venues such as Afternic, Undeveloped or Efty (unless buyers or sellers report them individually), nor from most of the ngTLD registries, so it is difficult to estimate how complete a record this is of all  #ngTLD domain name sales. Note that sale appeared in the previous month, then disappeared from the NameBio database, and now has appeared again with a later date and a marginally lower price. Sometimes sales are posted on NameBio after their recorded sales date.


Here are links to the three previous reports in case you want to do monthly comparisons:

Next Report and Other News

We will issue our next report in late August, and it will cover ngTLD sales for the period from July 23 through August 22. This monthly update on publicly reported ngTLD sales is offered as a service to the domain community.  While we strive to be accurate, no implied guarantee or warranty is associated with this report, and readers should independently verify information before using it in any domain investment decisions. As always we welcome comments and corrections. We report regularly on domain name news, with a special emphasis on the new extensions, on our Twitter feed.  Why not join the more than 1300 domain investors, venture capitalists, tech experts, startup owners and other great people that already follow us @AGreatName?  If we can be of assistance in helping you find a domain name at a value price, or using a domain name phrase in a marketing campaign, don't hesitate to contact us through our website (or via direct message at Twitter). 

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